Sole Trader Working From Home

We are a small family concern , husband and wife working from home with no desire to return to the hussle and bustle of working in town

Mainly manufacturing signet rings  as I have for over 40 years,  I am trying to avoide taking up to much of my time with phone calls and emails , dealing with the public  I have to explain every last detail over and over again, often to no avail. This was so much easier face to face over a shop counter with stock and examples to hand. As I no longer have the £1,000 + weekly expense of my shop , I can sell cheaper direct via internet.

TRADE : For this reason my trade customers take priority over any retail orders , generally trade orders are dealt with on Monday Tuesday & Wednesday posted on Wednesday or Thursday  to insure you have them for the weekend.

Members of the public : Sorry not supplied via this trade only website

I have the ability to engrave on average 6 crests or coats of arms per week if they are one offs.  Average bespoke seal /crest rings takes 5 to 8 hours

Repeat engravings of an identical crest or coat of arms are far quicker especially if done at the same time , one after the other into identical products (ie) matching signet rings or a pair of cufflinks , making the later very competitive in price.

All trade enqueries very welcome , but please note , I am used to working in preciuose metals only, although I can engrave into non preciouse materials like copper and brass my hourly rate stays the same , I  am not trying to compete with China or India and am only interested in producing high quality engravings & products with a price to match.

Trade Only : Samples of my work by post

I have a considerable collection of tried and tested popular crest and coat of arms designs , mainly engraved into bronze signet rings used as test engravings for recent clients

If you would like a selection sent to you as examples of my work before you order your own, the closest examples I have to your own design can be sent out by recorded  post , and will require returning by same method. Re fundable deposit of £45.00 per sample is required in advance. 

Bronze samples of Crest engraving

If you are unsure of the head size of signet ring you require , I will send you out a set of bronze samples in assorted head sizes 

Question : Will the samples be sent in my finger size ?

Answer : No they will not , I have 12 patterns which in 48 finger sizes would mean 576 samples in stock, I send out standard sizes for each head size

Question : Can you make every head size and style in any finger size ?

Answer : Each head size is available as standard in about 9 finger sizes , Bigger and smaller than standard can still be supplied but may incur extra time and additional charge. (ie) 13mm x 11mm intended for sizes G, H, I,  J, K, L, M, N, O, P = Average ladies or small mens finger sizes. + half sizes

Question : Why do you only list oval signet rings in your website ?

Answer : I used to list , cushion , shield , round , landscape etc. but to be honest for ever 500 ovals I will be asked for one " other shape " and to keep all those other shapes in assorted head sizes became to complicated and customers got confused.

Question : can you still provide other shapes ?

Answer : Yes I can , if you are able to send me a photo of the style you would like , and both the head dimensions and the finger size you require it in I will be able to confirm if that is available , rather than listing another 50 or 60 options and pricing accordingly.

Just as an example , cushion shape rings are made by variouse suppliers in about 20 variants of shape , and 5 or six head sizes, each requiring a master pattern, mould or die to be made , where as the ovals I list just what I make myself about 8 in total