Signet Rings Made From Used Jewellery , Old Gold

Melting down sentimental jewellery Old Gold

Individual recycled gold signet ring casting

This is a totally unique service which I  have been providing my own retail clients for over 35 years, melting down used gold , sentimental or scrap jewellery and turning it into exceptionally high quality heavyweight signet rings . VIDEO OF SAND CASTING , also of mass produced castings below.

Not a commercially viable process for mass production, but often you might want to melt down Aunties wedding ring, and charm bracelet and turn it into one or two signet rings to give to your children (aunties grand children) for sentimental reasons.

Unlike your jobbing jeweller or repairer who may find this "Out Of The Ordinary" and therefore expensive , I am supplying this service almost on a weekly basis, and I cast all my stock signet rings the same way. 

Combined with having your family crest engraved at an all inclusive price of £450.00 for an heirloom !

some of my signet rings are lost wax cast to size with no joins
when material is available i produce stock rings from recycled gold

Individual recycled gold signet ring casting

I get a bit bored of some  " sellers "  spouting  " All Castings Are Full Of Porosity " tiny air holes inside !

It is a fact that when 100's of rings are cast in bulk by porely controlled lost wax casting problems occur 

Cast the same way in a smaller quantity in a well controlled environement porosity seldom occurs. 

Better still , I cast one signet ring at a time , hence in the photo's there is a huge lump at the top where the metal is poored into the mould, and multiple sprues below where the air is forced out of the mould.

Seldom do I ever get any porosity , tiny imperfections in the surface can occur , not usually visible without magnification , definitely will not affect my ability to engrave by laser or by hand.

Every single photograph ( including the one of the griffin head ) in my website are of cast signet rings made from recycled gold ( old jewellery ) which coincedentally also means "NO  V A T " a  20% saving 

If you would prefer to buy a die stamping which undeniably are the best money can buy , I provide those as well at additional cost , but I am restricted to what the bullion company has in stock at any given time.

Build up some stock signet rings V A T free !

18ct gold delft clay cast signet rings

This is a really useful way of building up a range of stock to display in your window with a minimum outlay , i know my own shop carried 24 signet rings on display at all times and my clients loved the fact that they could try on an assortment of rings, better still in assorted sizes so they actually fitted or were close. I also carried a range of bronze samples to mingle in to increase the selection , some of these were engraved with monograms, crest's coats of arms or masonic symbols so they could try on a complete product rather than just using their imagination.

Ladies with tiny finger sizes catered for

Ladies with tiny finger sizes like A B C D E F G really can not get any idea of how a ring will look that is in stock in size P or Q , furthermore after you size that size P down to B you will have destroyed its shape, curved its head down dramatically and if it was an inferior casting, stress fracturing may occur.

I carry master patterns in multiple finger sizes, if you or a client wants a 14mm x 12mm oval court shape in a finger size C,  i can still provide you one with a flat head for seal engraving over 2mm thick and it will still be at an offordable price.

Men with huge finger sizes catered for

And as for the customer who wants a ring in finger size Z + 6 , no need to cut a ring and put in 2 joins , when i can use a  master pattern  which is bigger and size down one  or two sizes as required. This will be slightly more expensive as i seldom have a suitable master and have to modify one bespoke.

Hallmarking rings made from your own gold

Obviously I would prefer it if the used jewellery you provide is hallmarked, i do not mind if it is a mixture of red , white and yellow gold as long as you understand the outcome is going to be the predominant colour , often red or half way between red and yellow. Mixing 9ct with 18ct, 14ct  or 22ct is also not an issue when you send them off for hallmarking the assay office will mark at the relevant level. (NO platinum Palladium or Silver)

If you want me to send your castings off for hallmarking there will be an additional charge & time delay , as i am 25 miles from london assay office and i will not use postal service for clients material, delivered and collected in person at a time which is convenient for my wife.

Important note especially for your retail clients

rings individually cast in this fashion may suffer tiny imperfections, seldom visible to the naked eye , usually as a result of re melting previously cast materials. Ideally 50% fresh bullion should be added,  however if you have a choice of materials , heavy chain like curb link or charm bracelets & wedding rings generally produced from wire or sheet material are as good as new fresh bullion.

The returned weight will be on average 1.5 grams in 9ct & 3 grams in 18ct less than supplied which will be lost in filing and finishing and an allowance for this is calculated into the prices I charge for the signet ring manufacturing service.