Not trade but would like to order from your local jewellers

To The Customer

I guess you have come across this page because you have already tried your local jewellers shops and asked about crest or seal engraving, or need a Coat Of Arms engraved and they were reluctant or unable to supply the service.

Or maybe you want a family seal signet ring, pendant or cufflinks at a price below what they could offer you, some jewellers are reluctant to sell bespoke products of this type because if it goes wrong , they are stuck with an unsaleable item and a loss of profits.

I DO NOT provide  the services in this website direct to the public but only via the jewellery trade (no clients to my premises)
 If and it is understandable you are uncomfortable with ordering via the internet then please show this page to your local jewellers shop who you would like to order through , give them as much detail as possible of your requirements, if you are ordering a signet ring fore instance, they need to know what head size and finger size, the metal quality either Silver 9ct or 18ct , paladium etc.

Also provide them with the details to engrave, a picture of your family crest or coat of arms, or the wax impression from grandads signet ring or a photo

Finally and most important the price you want to pay, I do not do estimates , but what i will do is taylor a product with the retailor to best suit you.

To the shop keeper

First , thank you for taking the time to look at the service i can provide you, this website is full of usefull information regarding seal engraving, crest's and Coat's Of arms and my alternative method of providing this service at a more affordable price because that is what fashion requires.

I am semi retired , I work from home hence i do not want members of the public , or trade coming to my workshop , and with over 40 years experience of signet ring manufacturing experience in particular , crest and seal engraving has always been at the forefront of what i do.

Having owned 3 jewellery shops of my own in Middlesex i am well aware of how difficult supplying this service can be , but at present it is at the height of fashion , so unlike 12 years ago when i last was at the front of one of my shops and being asked once or twice a year for a crest engraving, today it is a regular weekly request. If you are unable to supply the service at an affordable price you are missing out on a considerable volume of sales.

If you do not have a display of family crest jewellery on display in your window i suspect you will not be being asked that often for the service, but to give you some idea, i get on average 4 requests per week from clients in and around London to come to my premises to look at my range and place an order. So it stands to reason that those clients (A) do not really want to buy over the internet (B) Can not find a local jeweller offering the service at a price they want to pay.

My alternative engraving service may not be a direct replacement but at roughly half the price of hand engraving and with a faster turnaround this may suit your purposes well, i seldom take more than a week , and can often offer a same or next day service if the design is one i already have in stock set up in my machine.

read through the website to discover amongst other things , i have bronze samples with engraved crest to send out as samples for your clients to view before placing an order, i have a huge range of sterling silver hallmarked heavyweight stock signet rings for immediate engraving and dispatch, you may also send me your own NEW, or SECOND HAND products to be engraved with a seal , or family crest from as little as £75.00 or £125.00 matching pair.

Do you buy in second hand scrap gold jewellery ? Then why not send me your used jewellery for me to recyle into a one of my standard design heavyweight signet rings. I charge a flat fee for this service trade, with a fast turnaround (hallmark not included) , and individually cast rings made this way are ideally suited to my seal engraving service , saves you on the cost of fresh bullion , and my services do not incur V A T so you have less outlay to build some stock.

Requirements for this trade only service

It goes without saying I have my own website full of products for members of the public to buy from direct, and as i am semi-retired, work from home and have no overheads i am also not V A T registered anymore, obviously i can sell direct cheaper than any shop keeper buying from me at trade prices unless you take the view (AS I DID IN MY SHOPS) that a sale at very little profit is better than none at all, the smile on their faces when they open the box with a seal engraved signet ring in is worth a million dollars, and you tend to gain a customer for life + their friends and family.

All i require is proof you are genuinely trade , if you do not have a shop address for me to post to, some other way of confirming your entitlement to trade discount, and payment in advance for all goods supplied. I do not buy or sell on credit, I take photos of finished products which are emailed to you prior to posting. In the unlikely event your customer is not totally satisfied with any product i have supplied, it will be refunded in full. Refund includes the cost of crest or seal engraving but not postage. Unfortunately i can not take responsibility if you provide the product, and therefore i will not issue any re-funds for engraving only service.

Delivery and collection

Just Castings in Greville St. Hatton Garden EC1 accept any items for engraving on my behalf, you may also be invoiced by Just Castings if you require a V A T invoice , rather than my hand written non VAT invoice, either way you receive an invoice for your payments.

If your business is  relatively close to my home, i may decide to deliver and collect , I will charge the same for delivery as i would for postage, its just often quicker.

If you are sending me your own products to engrave i can not accept responsibility if lost in the post, for this reason i prefer it if you supply a pre paid special delivery insured packet which can be obtained from your local post office, and you fill in your own address etc. In the unlikely event the item is lost it will be your responsibility to make a claim for it.