Family Crest Deep reverse Seal Engraving

I  have developed my own alternative seal engraving technique, Using state of the art technology, with traditional and some not so traditional techniques combined producing three dimentional seal engravings which are  pleasing to the eye, produce wax impressions (impressions not supplied)  with a rapid turnaround (lead time)

Send your own sterling silver,  9ct or 18ct gold or paladium product to be engraved  and it will be intricately engraved and returned within 14 working  days , or for an additional charge within 5 working days.

A  benefit of this technique is providing additional engravings at a greatly reduced price when engraved on the same day, or a smaller reduction when engraved at a later date

Coat Of Arms Reverse Engraved or for show
Coat Of arms Including Charges, Shield, Mantling and crest above helmet

Engraving an entire Coat Of Arms onto a small product like a signet ring, pendant or cufflinks for a hand engraver is a complex undertaking, often this service is only offered as a surface engraving with neither the wearability or charm of a seal engraving because very few jewellers  have the required skills , I do not !

I offer two alternatives and both at the same price, a reverse seal engraving to produce a wax impression (impressions not supplied) or "For Show" in which case engraved so text or motto's are readable on signet ring face, although so small often a magnifier is required.

A pair of cufflinks engraved this way will cost no more than one of the best hand engravers will usually charge for a surface engraving

Initials , Monograms , Masonic
Only engraved into preciouse metal , signets, pendants, cufflinks

Because this is a postal only service , my minimum invoice charge is £50.00 plus £8.00 return postage by Royal Mail special delivery insured next day before 1pm service.

It is the clients responsibility to insure goods sent via post , in the unlikely event of a loss in transit I will provide clients with the Tracking receipt details for them to persue Royal Mail claims. Unfortunately the time it would take me to undertake this would be way in excess of the value of any engraving charge as all postal companies are notoriously difficult to deal with.


Trade & retail  deep reverse crest and seal engraving

Engraving into your own precious metal signet rings

Engraving into cufflinks pendants etc on flat surface

Delivery / Collection

Post your items to  Handmade By Me

PO BOX 782 Rickmansworth WD3 0NL

Family crest , coat of arms , seal engraving. crest engraving, laser etching , silver signet rings , cufflinks, pendants , tie tacks , 9ct and 18ct gold jewellery

Retail Prices
reverse Crest 
from  £175 . 00

Deep reverse crest engraving otherwise referred to as seal engraving into your own jewellery

Deeply engraved by laser and enhanced by hand resembling the work of a hand engraver.

Coat Of Arms from £275.00

seal engraved coat of arms for show

Deep reverse seal engraving full Coat Of Arms

engraved into your own stock

Deeply engraved by laser 

Some finer detail possible than hand engravers can achieve


Shield Only from £225

seal engraved shield trade engraving

Deep reverse seal engraving suitable for wax impressions

engraved into your own stock

Backgrounds vary dramatically as a result of different metal density, 18ct & Die stampings provide best results

Wax Impression

Wax impression taken from seal engraved signet ring

Deep reverse seal engravings produced by hand engravers should produce an impression in wax like the example above, one of the best I have ever seen